The Texas powerhouse Kris Londyn burst onto the scene when she was a part of a three member girl group signed to Atlantic Records. Kris Londyn toured with many platinum recording artists, performed on BET,  and after the group, made the Top 100 of NBC’s “The Voice”. Being a Texas native, the country singer, songwriter, and actress brings that "Don't Mess With Texas" attitude to her music. Kris Londyn's latest single "Bless Her Heart" is for anyone who has moved on from a relationship but the new person in their exe's life doesn't quite understand. Sooo, what's the best southern way to tell a stupid person they're stupid?! Bless Her Heart! Her first single titled "Miranda" was an unapologetic, sassy and powerful tune for the jilted who have a "right" to feel that way. Kris Londyn is an entertainer who models herself after the Divas in the 90s.